Rules & Regulations

In an effort to keep the campground appealing, quiet, safe, and enjoyable, the following rules and regulations have been established. Failure to follow any of these could result in eviction without refund, fines, or other consequences.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we try to preserve the investment and increase the satisfaction of all campers. We want everyone to enjoy their stay with us, whether for a weekend or a month.

  • No structures shall be built, erected, moved in, or otherwise placed on the lot. This includes porches, walls, carports, fire pits, and anything permanent. Secondary trailers, storage containers, and other large objects are not permitted at all. We have storage spots available near the office for items such as these.
  • Do not cut trees, remove limbs, or hinder the lot in any way. If you need assistance fitting into a lot because of trees, please call the office and we will help.
  • No permanent landscaping is permitted. All flowers, shrubs, and other landscaping items must be in pots or other easily removable products.
  • Pets must be kept inside or on a leash at all times. Outdoor kennels and pens are not permitted. Please pick up after your pets when walking around. Loud, barking, and otherwise intrusive dogs will be asked to leave.
  • Your rate includes the gravel space, water, cable, Wi-Fi, and access to the pool. Electricity is included for nightly rentals, but long-term tenants must reimburse us for electricity when monthly rent is due.
  • Guests staying more than 7 days must be approved by the campground management or ownership.
  • The name on the lot rent agreement or reservation must occupy the lot. Other family members or friends are not considered tenants and will be treated as guests, which cannot occupy the property for more than 7 days.
  • Fireworks are not permitted on the property. Camp fires are only permitted in fire rings.
  • We reserve the right to terminate your lot lease or reservation at any time for any reason deemed necessary by our ownership. A thirty day notice will be given in writing in most cases, but it is not required for extreme situations.
  • Altering anything on campground property is strictly prohibited. If something is not working properly, please let us know. Do not try to fix it yourself.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. We are not responsible for any damages or injuries that are the result of unsupervised children.